My most played songs! 

Hi all I hope your days have been good! I love musoc, its a way to escape right? I think that’s why I love reading too. I’m listening to music now which is what inspired this post. I love lots of songs but these are my 20 most played songs ;

  1. The greatest show –
  2. The other side
  3. Million dreams 
  4. Rewrite the stars
  5. This is me
  6. Come alive 
  7. Tightrope 
  8. Never enough 
  9. From now on
  10. You found me – The Fray
  11. How long – Charlie Puth
  12. When you love someone – James Tw
  13. I don’t even know your name – Shawn Mendes 
  14. Treat you better – Shawn Mendes
  15. Happier – Ed Sheeran 
  16. Shape of you – Ed Sheeran
  17. Too good at goodbyes – Sam Smith 
  18. One last time – Ariana Grande
  19. Dive – Ed Sheeran
  20. Three empty words – Shawn Mendes 

    Yes I know the first nine is the entire Greatest Showman Album (not including the reprises) but you just have to admit its so good its not even possible! As you can see from the list its mainly Ed and Shawn who I would die to see in concert! What are your guys most listened?? Have any of you seen greatest showman or heard the songs? Love you all xxxxxx


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    1. Love all of these songs! Will definetly check out the ones that I don’t recognise, the greatest showman is my favourite film! Fist thing that gave me goosebumps (in a good way) since les miserables x keep up the good work xxx

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        1. Hey there I was posting a comment just below and I couldn’t help but notice this. By all means if you think this is inappropriate then just ignore it but I find what helped me a lot what just engaging in the blogging community by regularly posting and using tags definitely helps. But most importantly don’t be afraid to advertise your blog like if you find another blogger who blogs about similar topics then just leave a comment and say that you would love for them to check your blog out when they have a spare minute and talk about what it’s about and why you created it in a short summary. If you follow people who often do blog parties then it’s great exposure as well. Hope that helped. I know I struggled with getting the traffic to pick up and I still don’t have much traffic but it increases slowly just don’t ever give up. Instead give it time. xxx

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        2. Haha no problem I find it’s nice to help other bloggers out and I know some people really helped me to I guess why not repay the favour or spread it I guess. Haha. Happy to help if you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask me xx

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        3. Awww thanks so much! I comment on other blogs that Cath my eye and post quite frequently so my followers will have something to read. Also I go on blog parties and post about my site to get other readers. Your blog is really good so far you should be proud xxxxxx

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    2. OMG haha I love the Greatest Showman I going to see it for the second time now because it’s so good. some of my friends don’t like it despite liking musicals because they say it takes the away vibrancy and uniqueness of a musical theatre production. But personally when they say so I am shocked because I don’t see how this could ever be seen as a bad movie. I love the songs as well. My favourites are The other Side, this is me and rewrite the stars and from now in that order. At first I wasn’t too fond of From now on but the chorus parts grew on me when it’s not just Hugh Jackman singing it.

      We have yet another thing in common our music taste because like 99% of the sings I have heard and loved as well. Like they are probably my favourites as well. I see you are a Shawn Mendes fan as well? So am I but I like Ed more to be honest, so some songs on the list by Shawn I haven’t heard but I will give them a try for defo xx

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    3. Oh, I LOVE music as well! ❤ Listening to it is fantastic! ❤ I like all of these songs, mostly Charlie Puth's and Ed Sheeran's ones, they're great!!! Btw, what do your think about Ed's "Perfect"? 😉 xx

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    4. Treat You Better is absolutely one of my top favourites. And you means Derulo’s The Other Side? It’s so raw in the passionate kind of love and his dancing skills are just a wow! Absolutely love it! And yes, I have so often danced to the beats of Shape OF You. Isn’t the beat so damn catchy?

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