Snow Photography

Hi everyone! The beast from the east is here, and I am grateful as my school is closed woo! I was in a flurry of excitement when I found out I wasn’t going in. I got dressed and ran downstairs and into the street! I love photography as you all know, I was wondering if I should start a photography page? Here are some I took on a walk!

Snow is so beautiful. It’s just so clean, it just covers everything a real clean slate. I don’t know why but I’m just obsessed, I’m Lorelei gilmore😂… Anyway have you had any snow? Let me know in the comments below! Xxxxxx


20 thoughts on “Snow Photography

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  1. Oh right fair enough. they really are amazing though I love the ones of the leaves covered in snow. I tried to make a snowman when I got home and I was freezing my butt off outside for like half an hour but by then I had only made a ball big enough for the head because the snow just wasn’t the right texture so kept falling apart and stuff xxxx

    P.S. you truly are never too old for that 😉

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      1. Lucky that your school is out ours conditions are quite bad as well but my school never closes it’s so annoying even the teachers were saying how like even in a zombie apocalypse my school would probably stay open haha. xxx

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      2. haha yeah I will hope with you that you get one. I think it could have no better home honestly than yours. I think you will shower it is affection, love and care because you want one so badly haha xxx

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