Best Friend Birthday Present Idea

Hi all I hope everyone is ok! I’m still not well so I have a bit of spare time at home, but I should hopefully be back at school tomorrow! Anyway it is my best friends birthday in a few weeks so obviously I wanted to get her something special. This gave me an idea for a blog post! I have decided to do a post on 5 great presents for your best friend! All these pictures are courtesy of Pinterest!

1. This personalised heart frame is such a special gift for BFFS who are long distance. It shows in each half where your friend live then a message of your choice! Here is the link that followed the image.


2. This is another really beautiful gift. You can change what the girls look like to match the appearance of your friend and add their name too! Here is the link when I clicked the picture.


3. These necklaces are so cute! You can wear one each and know you have matching ones! They are so beautiful and really sweet! Link.


4. This is a really great idea one I have actually given before! It’s DIY so you don’t have to buy anything but the frame unless you want to! Link.

5. I love hampers! They are so cute and personal as you can fill them with anything you want I have given them to lots of friends before and they are DIY!

There you go guys! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and it helps if any of you are stuck for ideas! Love you all xxxxxxx


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