The Greatest Showman Review

Hi all! I would first like to start by apologising that I’ve been offline the past few days! It’s been half term I’ve been incredibly busy seeing family and stuff but its been a really good half term hope yours has too!
Anyway let’s start with today’s post. I’m sure most of you have heard about the recent film at the moment The Greatest Showman. I actually wasn’t aware of it until a few weeks ago when I was listening to music and The Otherside song from the film came on my phone. I didn’t turn it  off straight away and I really loved the song. I listened to all the songs and fell in love with the album and became immediately obsessed with seeing the film. While visiting my family I went to see the film with my cousin, mum and auntie, and walking out of that cinema after seeing it I was screaming the songs and smiling non stop after seeing such an incredible film and I have decided to do a review on the film!!! (Be aware of spoilers!!) 

Movie Title : The Greatest Showman 

(picture courtesy of Google) 

IMBD says: Inspired by the imagination of P. T. Barnum, The Greatest Showman is an original musical that celebrates the birth of show business & tells of a visionary who rose from nothing to create a spectacle that became a worldwide sensation.

I say : THIS IS THS BEST FILM I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!!! Omg I know many people must say this about  but I can’t get over how good it is , as I’m typing I’m listening to the album. I just can’t express how much I love this film it’s so good.

The plot: Its about P.T Barnum and his story and how he creates a circus and gradually starts building up success until he gets overpowered with power and starts risking everything he worked for. 

My favourite scene: The part where Zac Efron and Hugh Jackman are singing the other side in the pub or the very start where its just building up and Hugh is running around the tent its sooooo good!!!! Gosh but I also love the scene with Zac and Zendaya singing rewrite the stars! ITS JUST SO GOOD!!

My favourite song(s): The Other side , The Greatest Show and This Is Me

My favourite cast members : Hugh, Zac and Zendaya

I just love this film! The message behind it is beautiful, what makes you different makes you unique. It’s not a flaw its a part of you THIS IS ME!! Hugh Jack man was so amazing in the film I was so moved by everyone’s performances they were so amazing! 

That’s my opinion on The Greatest Showman!!! I highly recommend seeing it, its just one of the best films I have ever seen! Have any of you seen it? If so what’s your opinion? Love you all xxxxxxxx


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  1. This is by far the best movie I have ever seen maybe apart from soul surfer but the best one in a long while!! I loved the scene of rewrite the stars which is also why it’s one of my favourite songs from the movie along with the other side. I loved this is me from teh beginning even before I saw the movie and it’s still great but after seeing the movie I fell in love with the other side as well. So yeah!! By far my favourite actress is Zendaya not just on screen but her personality just glows and emits positivity and perseverance.

    I actually only saw it a few days ago as well with a friend and we were so close to crying at the end because it was so beautiful and I was talking about it today with some friends and here’s the spectacular part I was listening to the other side when I clicked on my reader and your post was at the top and I was like what are the chances? Haha.

    Have you seen Pitch Perfect 3 because I really want to see that as well!! Xxxx

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    1. I have never seen soul surfer but I have heard its really good! Yeah I love this film definitely my favourite film! That’s so weird that you were listening to the song and saw my post! I love Zendaya too! I haven’t seen Pitch Perfect 3 but I want too! Xxx


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