Shopping haul!

Hi everyone how are you all? I love shopping don’t you? Every time I get a bit of money I love going and picking out some clothes I like and having something new to wear. That’s what me and my mum did today, we went shopping, had lunch out and everything! A really nice day. I was mainly going to get things for my friends birthday present but also ended up spending a bit on myself too…

This is everything I got all together, the stuff on the left is for me and the stuff on the right is for my friend. I will show you my friends things first!

Harry potter Pjs: £6 , Primark

Banana chips: £2 , Asda (it may seem a weird present but she loves them!) 

Hedwig owl Harry potter cushion: £8 , Primark (my friend loves Harry potter and owls so it seemed perfect!)

Jar + sweets: £5ish, the range (can’t remember exactly?!)

10 hanging photo clips: £3, Primark 

Photo clip : £2.50 , Primark 

Pink envelope , Polaroid prints : £5 , LALALAB

I hope she will like it all!

This is what I bought for myself! 

(Sorry for the picture quality) I really like this top, its casual but also would look a bit nicer if you were going out and was wearing a skirt and boots. It’s grey and has a cross section at the front! 

New Look £4.99

I have always wanted high -waisted skinny jeans so I am really happy with these, they go really nicely with crop tops/cropped goodies and I can’t wait to wear them! 

Primark 4.50 (in the sale 50% off!) 

I needed some new beauty blenders and I love the strawberry smints!

Blenders – Primark £2.50

Smints  – Primark £1

I love theses hoodies! I have wanted one in this colour for a while, its so soft and will go great with my jeans!

Primark £7

I love this top!! It’s really cute !!

New Look, £4.99

I think this is one of my favourites its quite similar to the t-shirt but its a jumper , its really warm and I love the style!

Primark £10

There you go guys that’s my haul today! Do you guys like it? Love you all xxxx


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