Beach photography!!

Hi all I hope you are ok! I would like to start by apologising that I haven’t posted a lot recently. It’s been the start of half term and after school I slept at my friends house then the night after my best friend slept over with her family (I haven’t seen them in months so I was so excited to see them!!), then today we went to the beach and that’s my post today!

I love the beach it is my favourite thing and I had so much fun today here are some pictures I took;

I saw two really cute boats by the Cliffside.

I found this really cute rock that looks like a heart on the beach!

Here is a live picture I took of the sea!

The bay and all the sea, I love this picture!

I picture I took in the car ! The window was steamed over to create a really cool look!

There’s a few I took! I think that I will be posting a lot more photography as I love it, I may even create a photography page! Love you all hope you are having a nice Monday! Xxxxxxx

P.s. I am so so sorry to all of those people who have nominated me for awards and I haven’t done the posts , I have been very busy. So I’m not doing the posts but I would like to thank, Lena from humble perceptions, Rebecca from blogtrainofidea and girlnerdinglasses for nominating me for awards but I haven’t done them! Xxxxxx


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