My dream pet …

Hi everyone, I hope you have had a good Monday and it wasn’t too hard for you to get up this morning. I love animals, they are so amazing and I massively prefer them to humans as they are much better listeners (apart from my lovely mum). Everyone I know has a dog, my nanny and granddad had two beautiful jack russells and after they died they got their lovely Shih Tzu who is basically the closest thing I’ve had to a dog. Also my friends and cousins also have dogs I am surrounded by dogs but I don’t have my own.

I have always wanted a dog. I have had other pets. I had 2 amazing rabbits but they died and we were all heartbroken. We have also had fish but they were mainly my brothers. I want a dog more than ever at the minute. The breed I want it a Border Collie.

( I just got totally side tracked looking at how adorable they are!! I mean look!! <3!!)

I just want one so badly, I am on Pets4Homes everyday looking at ones for sale then crying because we aren’t getting one. This dog would be my DREAM PET, I mean if I came home and saw any dog waiting for me I would of course die of happiness but this particular breed is my favourite. They are so loyal and gentle and SO CUTE!! My mum is reading this over my shoulder so I hope she is getting some hints, plus the ones I give her very subtly when I shove pictures of dogs in her face! Do any of you have a dog? If so what breed or what breed is you favourite? Let me know in the comments below! Love you all goodnight! xxxxxxx



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  1. We have four dogs at my place and they still all don’t know me 😭😭😭. There’s a Rottweiler, Cairn Terrier, a St. Bernards and… I can’t remember what the last breed is called. I really love dogs but I’m so afraid of getting too close. Their names are Dimitri, Baxter, Gustavo and Musty. Musty is the only female. There was a fifth dog we called Chloe but we lost her when I’d travelled to some other place for an exam. They really are adorable. I hope your parents get you one 🖤🖤

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  2. I absolutely love dogs as well. My mum and I both want one but my dad refuses because we travel a lot so if we had a pet we would have to constantly put them in a pet shelter or home whenever we are travelling.
    Ever since I was little I used to walk the dogs of my neighbours in my free time and play with them because I wanted one of my own so bad. I didn’t even do it for money I did it for free I just wanted to be close to one!!
    When I am older I am probably going to get one of my own!! I can’t wait xxx

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  3. I’m more of a cat person – please no death stares – but I love Maltese Shihtzu’s, I think they’re called. My dad is totally on board with a dog or cat, but my mum will need a lot of convincing! Border collies are extremely adogable though! And no, adogable isn’t a typo 😂

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