Winter Outfit

Hi all! I hope you are having a nice Sunday! I have decided to do a Winter Outfit post, I have been seeing lots on my feed and have decided to do my own! I would first like to say all of the pictures I am using are courtesy of Pinterest! Here goes;

First I will start off with the jumper, I LOVE oversized jumpers and hoodies they are just so comfortable and warm which you will need definitely in the cold months of winter. I love the casualness of this jumper and the colour is really nice!

Black jeans, you can’t go wrong with a pair of black jeans. They go with everything and just all round perfect for any outfit.

Boots are most definitely my favourite footwear, you can wear them with anything and they will go. They are classic winter footwear!

Seen as its winter you need a good comfy bobble hat to keep your ears warm when it gets nippy!

And last but not least a big fluffy coat that ties the outfit together!

I found a picture of what it would roughly look like all together:

Hope you all like it tell me what you think in the comments below! xxxxx



5 thoughts on “Winter Outfit

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  1. OMG I LOVE BEANIES I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT THEM!!!!! I’m in love with this outfit!
    Also, do you like long socks? Like, knee high? Beanies and those would be my absolute by-a-long-way favourite accessories. xxxxx

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