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Hello everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday whatever you may be doing. I have been thinking about my blog and I was wondering if it was time for a change. I love how my design is but I was thinking if I should change the design of it or is it a bit boring? I have been looking at other people blogs and they are just set out so amazingly and mine is so plain compared theirs. I was thinking about it but you have all followed me and I couldn’t go behind your back and change it I need YOUR OPINION!

So in the comments below I would like to put these symbols depending on what you think:

♦ – Yes I should change it

♥ – I shouldn’t change it

If you can’t get these symbols just use Y and N!

Thanks so much I need your opinion!!!!!! xxxxxxxxx


11 thoughts on “Your Opinion…

Add yours

  1. No you shouldn’t but…
    You by no means have to take this on – your writing is amazing and that’s what counts – but I think you can upload your own header picture and having a pic of fairy lights strung across the wall (just look it up, you don’t have to take your own photo – Pinterest must have something!) would tie in with the theme beautifully. I love your blog at the moment though – no need to change anything! xoxo

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      1. That would be cool 😎. May I also ask what country you’re in? I can’t seem to find it in any posts. If you want to remain anonymous that’s fine too. xoxo


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