Wasted day

Hi I hope everyone is having a better day than me. I know I have already posted today but I wanted to post again because I needed to write.

Well where do I begin? My two friends arranged to go out together today on the groupchat and they organised it right in front of me AND they knew I was free and NEITHER of them invited me so I guess that did upset me and it has been the marker for a really low day. This has been one of my worst days in a while. I’ve been really sad, then really mad, then happy just all over the place which hasn’t been fun. To take my mind off how I have been feeling I sat down with my Frasier boxset playing on my TV and my big A3 pad and all my art supplies out and I was ready to draw. Just as I was making my bed I flipped the covers which caused my string of fairylights and two of my polaroids to fall down behind my bed. I found one then couldn’t find the other so spent ages looking for them and when I finally sat back down I was not in a creative mood at all, slulking about my picture I just put the TV on and have been walking round the house, going to Tv after Tv like a zombie ever since. Everytime I try to do something get myself moving I just cant bring myself to do it. I guess today just isn’t going to be a good. productive day and I’m just going to have to deal with that. I hate these days as they make me feel like I’m wasting them.

Do you guys ever feel like that? Hope you are ok xxxx


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