E safety

Hi all I hope you are ok!

I had a conversation with my mum today about E safety. She had a letter from my school about it actually, it had stuff about grooming in it, which is a horrendous thing people on the internet can do.  I love my blog its my own personal space and I’m so glad I can be me I have met some great people but I guess it can also be a dangerous thing too. I just wanted to write this post so people can be aware of what can happen and to stay safe. I haven’t told anyone about my blog because I wanted it to be my space, my corner of the internet. I have tried to be as careful as I can but I have just had a conversation about it and I guess it has made me more aware! Anyways just a quick reminder to stay safe and always be careful online!

Love you all xxxxx

P.s. I was meant to be doing my sunshine blog award nomination today but I have had to post this instead but I will definitely post it tomorrow xxxxx


8 thoughts on “E safety

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      1. Wait so only your mum knows? Yeah when I started it I told them and they agreed to respect my privacy and not go on it or read it and I am so glad. But recently they told me I spend too much time on it and I don’t know how to react xx

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      2. Yeah only my mum knows but I’m telling dad soon, I don’t know why I didn’t tell her in the beginning I know she would have respected my privacy! Oh! Tell them it’s your place to express yourself and hopefully they will understand xxx


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