Dream House – Blog Collab!

Hi everyone I hope you are having a lovely Saturday! Today I am  doing my first ever collab with the amazing Girlalert over at My Life an Online Diary, I will leave a link below so you can go check out her blogs I love them so much!


So the post is about my dream house and what I would look like!

Location: Cornwall I love Cornwall.

Description: It would probably have 4-5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms a HUGE open plan kitchen and dining room. Probably a main living room then a little cosy one in the back of the house. It would have lots of land, a stable for my horse and enough space for my dogs (I don’t have any pets but its my DREAM house!!!) A tree house and a pool then at the end of the garden would be the most amazing view of the sea and a little gate at the bottom would lead me right down to the beach!

Here is some visual representation…

This would be heaven! Look how gorgeous and close to the sea it is!!

Ever since watching Good Luck Charlie when I was little I loved Teddy’s bedroom and how her bed was. I have always wanted a bed like that I think they are so pretty and cosy. I would love to have my own bathroom like the one in the picture! Also my dream room would have a window seat with a view like this…

Now the living room kitchen and dining room are as follows!

Some thing really similar if not exact to these pictures would be amazing. Just love white and cream kitchens and the ones above are just beautiful, and with a sea view, omg I would be in heaven!

I would love a really big bathroom and a big bath, somewhere to just wind down and relax. Maybe not the same style but a view like that an a design like this…

That’s the inside but the outside would look like these pictures…

So there you have it! That’s kind of what my dream house would look like! Do you guys like it? What would yours look like? Definitely check out GirlAlerts post, to see what her dream house looks like! Love you all xxxxxxxxxxxx


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  1. hey another thing we both love window seats!! I used to watch Good Luck Charlie as well?! Oh and wow a tree house how did I not think of that. I love horse-riding as well by the way. and thx for the sweet shout-out xxx


      1. Oh right so you just love animals in general I am guessing? You have to try it from what I hear you are quite a country girl but you still love to be girly and go shopping but you are very down to earth and the wind in your hair when you are galloping is just amazing. I know it sounds cliche but it just feels so amazing like you’re really light and have no worries. and I love the connection I have with the horses I ride I don’t feel like I am superior or anything although I am basically steering the horse it’s more like a two way street and if they like you then the let you groom them and they can be so cute. xxx

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