Moving On

Hi all, I hope you are all doing ok. Last week I have noticed something. I am in a trio of friends. It was originally me and my best friend at school but after this other girl had an argument with her best friend she became friends with me and my best friend. Gradually she started becoming closer and soon she was our best friend and I was slowly being pushed out and becoming a third wheel for a while. I was really unhappy but then the other friend started being mean to us and we had a lot of argumen A with us and making me and my best friend really unhappy. We have been making up but last week she just stopped speaking to us. No reason she just stopped talking to us and went back to her old bff. Me and my bff realised she had been using us until she become close with her bff again. We were her second choice. But seen as she was dropping us her friend dropped someone else so we have become close with her. We are just a better fit than with the other girl. We have learnt we had to move on from her. Some friendships just don’t work out

love you all xxxxxxxxxxxx


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