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Hi all! I hope you are having a good week! I’m so tired I forgot how early school is! Did it snow for any of you last night? It did for me I just was so happy and it cheered me up because January is a bit of a depressing month in my opinion. It’s been a bit gloomy at the moment and I have already started thinking about holidays, I have decided to do a post about all the places I would LOVE to go to if money wasn’t a problem! I have never actually been abroad flown on a plane or anything !


New York

I have wanted to go to New York for as long as I can remember, I think it was seeing it on Friends that made me want to go. Just walk down those busy streets, ride in an iconic yellow taxis, just be there. I would most love to go at Christmas time the snow all the lights. I just cannot express to you how much I want to go it would be my favourite thing ever! Also this is going to sound silly and it’s not the reason I want to go as I have wanted to go before I have seen Gilmore Girls but Jess Mariano my favourite character lived in New York and there is an episode where you get to see him and Rory in New York and it looks incredible. They have a hot dog take the subway, go in Times Square it’s just such an iconic place and it would be incredible to go.


I read a book once about a girl who lived in Italy. It’s one of my favourite books and when I read the description of Italy in that book it has always been where I want to go. We have been close to going a few times but never have. I want to walk down those country lanes, be in a hot country and go to Rome see the sights. I would love to go and stay at a little hotel in the city or a campsite in the country.


I ADORE the beach. When we go on holiday and I get down to the beach I’m just happy. The beach is my favourite place in the world and every year we go to the same place it’s a little coastal town and I know it like the back of my hand so getting to the beach is like going home. I would love to go on a beach in Florida it would be so hot and amazing, I would love to swim with dolphins (I actually adopt a dolphin I love them they are gorgeous!) and of course Disney land! My friends have been and it’s just sounds amazing as it looks on those adverts you ALWAYS see on TV!


Ahhh the most romantic city in the world. Where my mum and dad actually went when my mum was pregnant with me so I guess I’ve sort of been! My mum says it’s so adorable. The little cafes and shops. She said the Eiffel Tower is amazing but she didn’t go up it as she scared of heights! I would love to go and see it, in every picture I have seen it just looks beautiful!


It just looks so gorgeous. The white villas and white sandy beaches turquoise sea actual paradise! I could probably spend weeks sitting on ones of those beaches, when my parents went for their honeymoon mum said she didn’t want to leave its so peaceful and amazing!

Those are my top 5 dream places to go! Do any of you agree or have been to these places? What are your top 5? Tell me in the comments below! Love you all goodnight xxxx




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  1. OMG I can’t believe it those are my top 5. Although I have been to New York once just a little while ago I already miss it. the hustle bustle of the streets, the colourful taxis flying by oh my personal favourite was either the ferry to Staten Island or rowing a boat across the reservoir in the heart of Central Park. It was just breath-taking. Oh and there were street-performers in Times Square and on the tube wow it was just extraordinary.
    And don’t get me started on Italy. I have only been to places like Naples, Pompeii and that region but boy was it beautiful. And the people are so friendly and lively and even at night the cities look amazing with the lights on.
    One of my top places on my travel-list is also Greece more specifically Santorini, it’s so beautiful and I saw Mamma Mia and I just fell in love with Greece. I also want to see Cyprus!!
    I have been in Paris countless times because I have so many cousins there but I still love it. when I am older I want to just stroll down the Champs-Elysees and just go for a shopping trip. I think I want my honeymoon to be there as well. I have been on top of the Eiffel Tower and it’s an amazing view like you can’t even imagine I tried to take a picture but it doesn’t do it justice. Only when you see it can you truly know! I think you’ll love it. And although all of my friends have been to Disneyland I have never been. I know I have been in Paris so many times and yet haven’t seen it like what the hell!! I think I am a little too old but I still want to see it and I love beaches as well. I also love treehouses I don’t know why, they have always drawn me. So I would love love to go to Florida and the west coast, like California, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Hollywood and Malibu etc.

    If you like the sea so much I would recommend the south of France. It’s not too far, you can even take the car and places like Montreal are amazing!! There’s also this amazing waterfall in the middle of a forest with a beautiful view I think it’s called Cascade de la Vis. It was just stunning!!

    Are you going to take a gap year or something to travel to these places?

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      1. I’d love to travel the world too when I finish – although I think it’s closer for you than me! I’ve been to a few of these places – very lucky 🍀 – and they are all beautiful. The crowds at le Eiffel Tower are massive – so we chose not to even go inside but the views from out are still stunning. Wishing you good fortune and happy travels for when you get to those places! 💜💜

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