A very short story #1

Hi all!! Hope you are all ok! As I may have mentioned before I want to work in writing when I’m older, and one of the reasons I got this blog was to give me writing practice! Well I have decided I am going to start posting tiny, tiny stories that I write. They aren’t even stories more of a paragraph!! Here is one I have written recently hope you like it!

She sat on a bench with her head in her hands,

retracing her steps to what had brought her there.

As the train approached she knew it was the right decision, even if it didn’t feel like it then.

She joined the hustle and bustle of people and boarded the train.

She placed her bag in the vacant seat next to her and looked out the window,

she watched as the train left the station behind ,

just as she was leaving her life behind…

That’s it! I know like I said VERY short! Hope you liked it, love you all goodnight! xxx



4 thoughts on “A very short story #1

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  1. Lovely writing, and I’m the same! In my about me page it has some info, and I started my blog as a bit of writing practice! marshmallowharmonies.wordpress.com
    Love your blog, it’s awesome! 🐯

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