Happy 2018!!

Hi everyone I would like to start this post by apologising for my lack of posts in the past few days. We got back from a LONGG day of travelling and we had no WiFi so today was the only time I have been able to post! Anyways…



Well I cannot belive we are in 2018! 2017 seemed non exsistent almost! It went so fast, I hope you all had a good year though! My new year hasn’t gotten off to the best start as my Nanna hasn’t been well and actually got taken into hospital on New Years Eve! She is ok but we think she may need an operation so my mum has been staying with the family so it’s just been my dad and brother so far. How was your New Years Eve? Did you all have a lovely one? I hope so!

My New Years resolutions:

I know this isn’t very original but this year I want to care less about what people think. I have real trouble being myself and always have to act a certain way as I feel pressured into being a certain way. I also want to stop being so socially awkward and stop being so afraid of people but that has been my New Years Resolution for I don’t know how long so I’m not sure if I will achieve it! They are my personal ones but I have one for my blogging life too! I would like to gain more followers this year! I want more people to connect to and speak to about the blogging world. I would also like to say how thankful I truely am of all my incredible followers I have! I love you so much thanks for following me!

Anyway I guess that is it really! I hope you have an amazing year, you all deserve it! Love you lots xxxxxxxx


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