Room Ideas!!!

Hi everyone! This morning I woke up and I was looking around my room and I suddenly hated everything about it. I wanted to get up and change EVERYTHING! I thought well today I’m going to be productive, I’ll tidy and change my room so its how I want it. So I got dressed and I was ready… 1 hour later all I have done is pin pictures to my room ideas board on Pinterest.

But then i had an idea! I decided to do a blog post with all the ideas I have for my room! I know this isn’t very Christmas but I thought it was different!

Theme: I want a pink, white and grey room. I want it to be really cosy with lots of fairy lights and all my polaroids and pictures hung up (!)  I think I want grey walls with white furniture and pink fairy lights and LOTS OF CUSHIONS AND THROWS!!! Something like this:

Furniture: Plain white furniture and a really tidy desk area (it may start off tidy don’t know how long that would last…)

Where everything would go: I would have my bed against a wall then along that wall all my pictures and fairy lights would be. Then I would have my desk next to my bed,  and my bookshelf flat against the wall near my desk. Then opposite my bed I would be my chest of drawers with my TV (thanks again to my amazing parents for getting it!!) above it. Then in the corner near my chest of drawers my wardrobe would go there (this probably makes more sense to me than you as I know what my room looks like!!)

They are my ideas for my room!! What do you guys think? What colour are your bedrooms? Love you all lots hope your having a nice Christmas! xx


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