Christmas Eve!

Hi everyone!

Can you believe tomorrow us Christmas?? I can’t, I feel like I haven’t really had time to relax or do anything Christmassy as I have only just finished school!  I adore this time of year though, the colours, the lights. the food, the presents, family, EVERYTHING! I’m sorry but I still cant believe its Christmas Eve TODAY, I’m so excited for tomorrow!!! My post today is going to be dedicated to all my Christmas Eve and Christmas day traditions.

During the day on Christmas eve, me, my parents and little brother usually have a day in together. Stuffing our faces with Quality Streets and watching our favourite Christmas Movies like, The Grinch and The snowman. The day also tends to include some last minute present wrapping before tomorrow and my mum puts While you were sleeping on while she wraps as its another little Christmas tradition that I will probably carry o . Me and my mum spend ages setting the dinner table for tomorrow, getting the colours and decorations just right. In the evening we have our dinner then put up our stockings over the fireplace and put the mice pie my dad has made and milk out for Santa Claus (I don’t believe in Santa anymore, but at Christmas I make myself believe because Santa is part of Christmas right? Also my little brother still believes in Santa so I do it for him too). We then sprinkle our homemade Reindeer dust outside and open our Christmas eve boxes usually containing, new pjs, a movie, reindeer dust and some other bits and bobs. Then me and my brother run to bed and watch a Christmas movie together in my room.

Christmas Morning. Me and my brother usually get up at a ridiculous time like 5:00 (once I remember it being 4:00!) but our parents will have told us 6:00 is the earliest we can wake them up, so we sit in bed staring at our stockings and hold off until at least 5:30 where we burst into their room. We open our stockings together in my parents room then we go downstairs into the living room where everyone has a sack or presents each then we have another load of presents each on the floor (there’s literally no where to sit, our parents spoil us rotten at Christmas) . After opening the mountain of presents we have a quick breakfast and watch some TV together. Usually my nan and granddad come over for Christmas dinner they have done every year, even though we don’t live there anymore. But this year they are going to my aunties for dinner instead so its just my family of four having Christmas together!

During me writing this post I have had to go set the table with mum, make the reindeer dust with my brother and now I’m making the mince pies with my dad. I’m so excited for tomorrow. I feel so happy its making my tummy flutter. I haven’t really asked for anything this year, apart from a dog which I ask for every year but so far no dog! I still have a tiny bit of hope but I know I won’t be getting one!  I’m excited to find out all the surprises I’ve got and see my families faces when they open their presents from me. I’m going to end this post by saying I hope you all have an AMAZING day tomorrow whether you celebrate Christmas or you don’t.

Merry Christmas everyone love you all xxxxxxxx

P.S. I obviously might not be able to post tomorrow as I will be rather busy, but I will try and get round to posting xxxx



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