Hi everyone.
I’m so annoyed at myself, so annoyed. I’ve done something so stupid I’m literally kicking myself. One of those things where I want to go back in time to change. Today was my Christmas with my best friend, I haven’t seen her in months and was so excited. I had the best day we opened our presents, watched a film all together an me and her went to her room and messed about and talked and took some cute pictures. We ended the day with me and my best friend hugging and saying to see each other again in the holidays. All in all a pretty perfect day. Here comes the annoying part. I was in the car looking through photos on my phone then it struck me. My chest got tight and I realised. I’d left my kindle at their house. My kindle = my life. I go on it all the time, l left Pinterest logged in so every can see all my quotes and I have WordPress on there but thank god I logged out and I have my new favourite game that I’m obsessed with on there. I’m honestly SO MAD AT MYSELF. It’s not only my main source of entertainment but my main source of blogging. My mum doesn’t let me have my phone in my room at night but she lets me have my kindle. Every night when people are in bed I sneak on my kindle write my blog posts and go on Pinterest or Altos Adventure. It’s my time to relax before I go to sleep. I’m so annoyed at myself because this blog was meant to be really happy and saying how much fun I have had and how excited I am for Christmas but instead I have to apologise. I’m sorry because I may not be posting as much as I used to as I mainly blog on my kindle and I obviously don’t have it but I still have my laptop and I’m not at school so I will have time in the day to post but I’m quite busy and that time of the day was my free time.
Anyways the gist of the post is I’m sorry if I don’t post as much as I have been. I don’t know when I’ll see them again either so i don’t know when I’ll get it back! Gosh I’m so annoyed at myself 😭 Have any of you ever done anything like this??
Love you all lots hope you’re enjoying the holidays xxxxx


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      1. Lol yeah I know what you mean I was thinking about getting one of those but really I just wanted a kindle and I already had an ipad so I didn’t need a kindle doing the same thing so essentially I wanted to save some money. lol The only annoying thing is I don’t like updating my phone or iPad and to download wordpress I have to have iOS 10 Ugh modern technology right? lol xx

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