Hi everyone! I hope you are all loving the countdown to Christmas (only 2 days now!!!). I wasn’t sure what to post about tonight. I know I wanted to post just not sure what. So I just thought why don’t I update you on what’s been happening in my life and what I’m up to during Christmas ! 

So this week was my last week at school. I was quite annoyed that all my friends from other schools were finished and my school was ending really late. But it wasn’t a bad week. I have had a bit of a rift between me and my friend. But it made me and my closest friend at school closer because we’ve been really close since we started  secondary school but then my other friend joined on and we were all close instead of just me and her. To be honest with you I felt a bit left out. But recently my new friend started being off with us and we had a bit of an argument. We’ve made up and we’re talking, just not as close as we used to be. I know this might sound awful but it was nice because I got my old friend back and I feel like she appreciates me again, as we’ve become as close as we used to be. So it’s a win win. I haven’t fallen out with my other friend but I have become closer with my old bff at school and I feel like just like old times again! On the last day of school we went to church and the WHOLE school walked down into the little village. It was good because I thought I wasn’t going to be able to sit with my closest friend because shes in a different form but we did! Then we got back to school and just watched Christmas movies! We only had to do 2 lessons out of the usual 5 which I guess isn’t that bad! 

Now I’ve finished school, today was my first day off and we drove home today! I didn’t go straight to my grandparents house we went to my friend from my old schools house! It was so lovely I haven’t seen her in 4 months and we had a great catch up I do miss her, she’s the only connection I have to my old life really. I do still go home to my grandparents but they have and always will be in our lives, but when we see our old friends they live near our old house and its so strange and nostalgic to go back. I do really miss my old home and life. Anyway me and my friend have arranged a sleepover so I’m excited! After that we went to my families house for dinner and I saw my wonderful cousin we had a great time, and I got a few things off my chest that I had been worrying about and she listened and gave me advice! We are going back home on boxing day!

I’m SOOOOOOO EXCITED for tomorrow though!!!!!!!!! I get to see my best friend!!!!!!!!!! Not only that but because our both our families our best friends and like one big family we have our own Christmas together every single year, where we go one year to our house and one year to theirs and we stay over on 23rd of December and wake up on the 24th and run downstairs and open the presents we have got for each other and have our own Christmas because we never see each other on Christmas day! This year sadly we can’t stay because we all finished school too late but we are going really early tomorrow and leaving late at night so we will get the whole day! IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! 

That’s my plans for the holidays guys! What are you all up to? I’m so happy to be off I can’t believe its only 2 days till Christmas. I’m asking for a dog like I do every year but I know I won’t get one because mum said she wouldn’t get one as a present and my mum and dad don’t want one now. It’s ok though because I’m sure there will be other magical things but the dog is the only thing I have asked for so I have a tiny bit of hope… 

Mery Christmas eve, eve, eve 😂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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