1 Month Anniversary!

Hello to all my gorgeous followers!!

I wasn’t having a good day today but I was cheered up immensely when I read a lovely comment about me by GirlAlert! I just wanted to say thank you for cheering me up! Anyway onto todays post! As you can read from the title its our…..


I know, I know I’m as shocked as you are. I didn’t think I would last a week let alone a month! I know some of you out there have had blogs for years but to me this is such a big deal. I had wanted to start a blog for so long and now I’m sat here writing a post about a 1 MONTH ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!! I just want to thank all my amazing readers and my incredible 15 followers! I didn’t think I would get 1 let alone 15! I love you all so much and love the thought of people wanting to read what I have written, its just amazing. I don’t have any particular point to this post its just to thank all the wonderful people that have followed my journey so far and I cant wait to see what’s in store for the future!

So yeah just I guess that’s all I want to say, hope you’ve had a good week so far see you soon! xxxxxxxxxx


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      1. Thanks for the advice – what even is a blog party? Oh, and thanks for following me, but I think you may have followed the wrong blog! marshmallow harmonies? jamesverdon is an old one from 6 or so years ago 😂 thanks so much though!

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