My favourite apps!

Hi everyone! If you read my post last night you will know I wasn’t in the best of conditions. But I’m ok now, as I did the drama performance. It wasn’t awful but it wasn’t in any way great. As I suspected I was in a horrendous group, and no-one had done anything. But I don’t care about that now as I have done my last drama class of 2018!!!!!! Anyway onto tonights post. As many of us are these days I am constantly glued to my phone or tablet or my laptop. I have decided to dedicate a post on the top 10 apps I spend all my spare time on! 

  • WordPress (obviously πŸ˜‚)
  • Snapchat – I have wasted SO MUCH time just scrolling and watching my friends stories and sending stupid pictures to my friends and reading the buzzfeed story.
  • Pinterest – ahhh about to go on it after I’ve finished this post!
  • Imessage – I know its an obvious one but my best friend doesn’t have Snapchat or can’t get it on her phone so we are constantly messaging each other and Imessage is the only way to contact her!
  • Pic collage – I am constantly creating random collages on this app!
  • Altos adventure – I have just got this app but I am addicted its one of my favourite apps!
  • Amazon Music – I am obsessed with my music and we get all songs on Amazon music for free so this app is my life πŸ˜‚
  • Phone, Face time – I know again these seem obvious but I use phone all the time to ring my best friend and facetime my cousin and friends from school.
  • NETFLIX – this list isn’t ordered, my most to least favourite but if it was Netflix would be at the top. I spend HOURS on this app, this is what gave me my beloved Gilmore Girls πŸ’•
  • Google – the source of all my knowledge, I am on Google constantly whether its for school, random stuff I search when I’m bored or just anything. 

So there you have it, Fairylightsandpolariods favourite apps. Do any of my magical readers like these?  Love you all have a good night xxxx


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      1. Omg yes! One of my best friends who I introduced to the show is Team Logan but I haven’t met anyone who is Dean – thank God because I may get a bit… angry 😑 at them!


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