Christmas shopping

Hi everyone I want to apologise again for the neglect you have been receiving as I didn’t post yesterday either and I feel awful. Today I feel very festive so I have decided to do a Christmassy post. After a lonnngggg day at school, I got home finding my mum saying “quick our bus goes at 5:00 hurry” and I remembered we were going into the city (sorry I can’t say which one for anonymous reasons)  for Christmas shopping. I had to quickly get dressed, putting on my massive coat, hat, scarf and gloves (Christmas outfit or what 😂) . We ran down to the bus stop and stood in the rain for 15 mins for a bus to come.  I was really tired and tbh couldn’t be bothered to go out because my friend had been off with me and my other friend all day which resulted in a massive argument with me her and my other friend, and my other friend got really upset and said she was done with her, so I was emotionally and physically drained. But at soon as we go into the city I just couldn’t be happier. All the lights, decorations and little Christmas market I was over the moon to be out and having a nice time walking round in the dark with my mum. It was magical and after a good hour in Primark I got all my gifts for my friends and I’m so happy with that because its a massive weight off my shoulders. It even snowed! But only for like a second and it might have been a snow machine but still it added to the atmosphere. Then me and mum got off the bus and walked over the little bridge to our house and put I’m a celebrity coming out show on, in our Pjs and hot chocolate. I’m just so happy that we went out after all because it was so lovely and I haven’t done anything Christmassy yet so that was lovely. I wanted to do this post because I haven’t been that festive in the run up to Christmas so here is a festive post, what have all of you been up to? Tomorrow is also the start of an exciting weekend for me (I’m going home!) but I’ll explain in tomorrow’s post!
Love you all good night xxxxxxx


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