Third wheeling…

Hi everyone! Recently my best friend at school school started talking to someone. Well she started talking to him AGES ago (when I liked him actually…) but recently has been spending a lot more time with him. At lunch I stand with them, at the end of the day and walking to class. I really like the guy he’s a nice person and easy to talk to. But today it has recently come to my attention that I am in fact a third wheel. My other friend has been off ill so I have had no one else to walk with or talk to so I have been completely third wheeling them. Yesterday they kissed for the first time and I was stood with them (on my phone thank God at least I wasn’t watching!) and I was just so awkward it was awful. I made an effort today to avoid them but my friend said that its fine and she doesn’t mind. Of course she doesn’t mind, its him I’m worried about,  we’re really close, he knows that so he wouldn’t say to her that he doesn’t like me stood with us all the time. I don’t think he minds me but I feel like I annoy him a bit because today he apparently said to my friend “why can’t she find someone herself” Well I am going to be alone forever and I can’t find anybody else because there is no one else and even if there was they wouldn’t like me back, but that’s a whole other situation.  So anyways I was just wondering if any of are in or have been in this situation and wondered how you dealt with it? 

Love you all so much xxxxxx


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  1. Relatable. I had been 3rd wheeling since long. First with friends and now with legit couples.
    I know how much it hurts. Something just happened yesterday… totally unforgettable. And according to them, it was obviously my fault i didnt talk to them and was on my phone. Like what?!
    People call me a 3rd wheel. It just hurts too much. Hard to explain. I was just about to cry in the crowd.
    Sometimes, it has to them to understand that even though they say they dont need space, they actually do.

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