Missing School

Hi everyone! I would like to start this post by apologising for my neglect recently. I haven’t been very well at all, I had Friday off but got gradually worse over the weekend. It got to the point where I was barely standing getting dizzy, being sick, just in general quite ill. I had Monday off as well and today was my first day back at school since last Thursday.

I love having days off school, gives me break if I need it and a break from people who I hate (so everyone…) but I only like days off like weekends, or bank holidays, or snow days or if the school has to close because somethings wrong but I always always worry so much if I have a few days off for being ill.

I have a friend at school and every time I’m off school she gets so mad and says I’m not ill, I’m being pathetic and I should come in. Every time I’m ill I always worry about what she will say. I also hate it because my school are really obsessed with attendance and get  really mad if you have a few days off being ill. So me being me and worrying about everything I always worry I will get in trouble for having the day off. Lastly does anyone else worry about missing homework and class work and think their getting behind? I know some may think I’m a goody goody. But I want to do well and if I miss work I ask people what I have missed a) because I don’t want to fall behind b) because I don’t like having to tell the teacher I didn’t do my homework because I wasn’t here because I always think they will go “you should have still done it” and I am stressed about getting in trouble.

When I have days off that is what goes through my mind. I have been thinking about this a lot, do any of you worry like I do or is it just me being well me 😂! Please comment below. I love you all and I am sorry again for being away xxxxxxxx


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  1. Great post!
    I use to feel this way too! Until I came to realize that worrying did me zero good. My focus became largely fixed on getting better so that I could get back to school the soonest and catch up on all the homework I missed.
    Wishing you speedy recovery! 💖

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