Lazy days

Hello everyone! 

I hope everyone’s ok, I have not been well recently but last night I had a really bad temperature and have nearly been sick. I am off school today so I am having a lazy day. I have decided to do a post on the three things to do if you’re not well, having a lazy day or just bored. 

  • Binge watching, today I am watching lots of episodes of gilmore girls and the next step again and its just a nice way to relax or feed your boredom.

  • Reading, today I am getting all of my favourite books out and just reading, to help me feel better and take my mind off my stomach ache. 

  • Sleeping, you should sleep if your ill, help you feel better and relax yourself. I am going to be sleeping today as it also is a good way to get better.

I’m sorry if it isn’t very good today or not very long but I still wanted to post but I’m quite tired , love you all Xxxxxxxx


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