Hi everyone! 

I was sat in bed and thinking about Christmas. I realised that lately I have being posting Christmassy things and I don’t think I have been festive enough as its my first full month in the blogosphere and most exciting month ever anyway, so feel as though I should be a bit more festive! So here is a post dedicated to Festiveness.

Christmas Pic-collage

In this picture it represents all things Christmas to me. The tree, the presents, the food, the lights. Everything. It all looks so cosy and warm it just makes me happy! 

Christmas list

Now I have no idea what I want as my main present,  I cannot think of anything! But I know I want a little gold CD player for my room, some new books, gift vouchers for itunes, Primark, New Look, etc. I also want some stuff for my room because I have recently done it up but need some more things so make it more cosy. One thing I want is a day out with my best friend. I miss her so much so I am asking for a day out, just us two together. What are you guys wanting? 

Advent Calendar

I have a Cadbury’s chocolate advert calender, a Lego friends and then a wooden one that my mum fills up every day (I share that one with my brother though). We also have an advent calender in form at school, a student gets picked at random and I am yet to be chosen.

Snow report 

We had a massive snow storm about a week ago but nothing since. I hope we will have a white Christmas we haven’t had one in ages and it would be so lovely and perfect. It has been cold enough to snow though! Gosh its been freezing!!!

There you have it guys! My little sum up of Christmas so far for me! I also need to mention I am sorry my posts have been late at night but with all the homework and stuff for school this is the only time I have chance! Love you all so much xxxxxxx


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