Serious situations

Hello everyone!

Today has not been fun. It started off with me finding out my two friends are going to a concert together (to my favourite singer and I have been trying to get tickets to their concert for ages) and I just had to sit there being happy for them, but on the inside feeling left out and sad. Then one of my friends stopped talking to me and my other friend and started being really off with us so that upset me because I had done nothing wrong.

When I got home I was exhausted so I turned my phone off. Before I got in the bath (which I desperately needed) I turned my phone on, which had about 30 messages on the group chat I have with my two friends about why she wasn’t speaking to us and my friend confronting her about it. I was shaking and nervous because I hate arguments and confrontations and I just wanted to get in the bath. When my friend saw I opened it she said “Help me! Put something on so we can find out why she’s mad” I panicked because my friend would get mad at me if I ignored her so I just typed up a quick message and jumped in the bath.

Usually I would have spent half and hour in there relaxing, but because I was panicking I got out after 10 mins to check my phone and didn’t get back in. On the chat my friend had sent a massive explanation saying that she had all of these awful things happening at home and she took it out on us and she was sorry. She said she had nearly ran away it was that bad. Me and my other friend felt awful. I didn’t know what to say or do. I am horrible in these situations and felt bad that we hadn’t known what was going on. My friends were crying by the end of the conversation and I was still sat there in shock. Everything is ok now but I’m still a bit shaky because I feel like I said the wrong things and didn’t really help. I am so bad in serious situations and never know what to do. I feel really pressured and seen as there were two people on the chat I felt if I said one thing wrong that I would cause upset.

Are any of you like that in situations like this? I hope you all had a better day than me xxxx


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