Hi everyone! I’m getting better, so I decided to write a post. I was sat alone in my room with my headphones (one of many ways I use to escape the world) listening to my favourite music. I wanted to dedicate a post to my favourite songs, but I had a doubt. what if my songs aren’t “cool enough”, I was worried to be judged. Then I realised one of the main reasons I got a blog was to be myself, so whats the point of saying I like this, I like that if I don’t? So here are my top 5 favourite songs at the moment:

  1. You Found Me – The fray, this is not exactly new but I was watching a fan-made video of Rory and Jess (my favourite couple from Gilmore girls) and this song was playing in the background. It was so emotional and the song practically describes their story so I got really caught up in the video. I know some of you may be thinking “she got that emotional about characters in a TV show?” Yes I did! When I watch a TV series, I get so caught up in the show I feel like I know them. So yeah that’s my favourite song at the moment (I wont write this for all of them its just its my FAVOURITE song and I had a story about it!) I will put a link at the bottom of the video I watched when I found the song, but there are Gilmore girls spoilers so be warned!!!
  2. Perfect – Ed sheeran , I love ED and all his music and the new video he has for this song is adorable, I will put link below!
  3. When You Love Someone – James Tw
  4. We Don’t Talk Anymore – Charlie Puth Feat. Selena Gomez
  5. Three Empty Words – Shawn Mendes

So there you go guys! there are my favourite songs at the minute! Comment below if you like any or have heard any? Love you all xxxxx


You found me Rory and Jess –

Perfect Ed Sheeran –


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  1. Omg I love “when you love someone” and “perfect” as well as “we don’t talk anymore” and gilmore girls was one of my favourite series to watch growing up. And I am loving your confidence just keep it up and I’m sure you will have many supporters πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I definitely will thanks so much hey do you have an e-mail address or something so we can talk in like private? Well I do so even if you don’t want to share it in the comments feel free to drop me an e-mail you can find it under contact me on my homepage.


      2. Hi, I would LOVE to contact you but seen as I am an anonymous blog I don’t really want to share personal details, I wish there was a way to chat without having to show our emails, I’m so sorry hope you understand xxxxx


      3. Nahh it’s fine I get you but what I did was I set up an anonymous e-mail without my name or anything it’s and so people can contact me and if you have an anonymous e-mail we could contact each other that way? Because you alreayd know my e-mail which is still anonymous so you could send me a message without you having to post your e-mail online?


      1. I’m sorry I am all for Logan I don’t remember Dean I watched it a long time ago and Jess was sweet but I feel like only Logan could have lasted it didn’t because she chose her education rather than relationship but if she hadn’t I feel like that’s the only relationship that was serious enough to last for a marriage and life rather than a fling but I am mean they were sweet and they may have lasted as well. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.


      2. Same here xxx I feel like because I was still very young but sophisticated for my age not many friends on mine my age have seen it or can appreciate it and it doesn’t get the deserved amount of attention it should because everyone is only interested in the newest hottest series such as Riverdale which btw don’t get me wrong is amazing too but slightly older tv series such as Gilmore Girls and Friends are also awesome. Hey I just posted a new post go check it out if you can and tell me what you think of it please? I am thinking maybe it’s too vague or confusing?


      3. I will have a look later definitely as I am just going out, yeah I LOVE FRIENDS! I don’t watch riverdale but all my friends do! I forced them to watch Gilmore Girls and they love it know (they are all team Logan BTW!) xxx


  2. Oh my gosh!!! I love Perfect, we don’t talk anymore, when you love someone and Three Empty Words. These are also a few of my favourite artists. I listen to Shawn pretty much everyday, his music really helps me in any situation. I also use music to try escape the world even if it’s just for a little bit. Such a wonderful post! 😊xx


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