My first book review

Hi everyone! Today I have done nothing but sleep, Netflix, read, repeat my average day tbh. Anyways what you might not know is that I’m a bookworm. I love reading and getting lost in books, so therefore I decided to do a book review on two books I have recently read. As its my first review I have only done two books and  I may do things a bit wrong!

So the two books I am reviewing are:

  • Fan girl
  • Super awkward

Fan girl

Summary –  The book is about Cath. She is an awkward anxiety filled human, the thought of going to university fills her with dread, more people to deal with, new people to deal with. The only reason she s going is because her identical twin sister and best friend, wren, wants her to go. At least she will have wren, and the fanfiction she writes to escape the world. But when wren decides she doesn’t want to hang around with cath she has to handle everything alone. She becomes more and more open to new things especially when she falls in love with Levi, her roommates ex boyfriend. But with stress after stress piling up, her dads mental health, her mum coming back after leaving her when she was 4, her sister wasting her life away and her short fiction project she doesn’t know if she can handle it anymore.

Opinion – its an amazing book!! One of my favourites definitely, being awkward and anti social myself I really related to Cath, the main character. The book takes you away into her world but not only her world but snippets of the fanfiction she writes too. I love the rise and fall of her and her sisters relationship. But I love the relationship she forms with Levi. I would highly recommend it to 14 – 17 year olds as there is some swearing but all in all an amazing book and should definitely go on the Christmas list.


Super awkward

summary – Bella fisher is a typical awkward clumsy teenager. She is embarrassing and makes a fool of herself daily and just wants to curl up in a ball and die when she hits Zac, the fittest man on earth, in the eye with her shoe while dressed as a massive cereal box. But somehow still manages to impress him , enough for him even to kiss her, until her sister walks in and physically breaks them up. As she met him on holiday but leaves a day early before saying goodbye she thinks all hope is lost between them and goes home and tells her bffs Rachel and Tegan the story. But by some amazing twist of fate he gets her phone number and they meet up. There is only a few problems, he thinks she is 18 and Bella’s crazy ex boyfriend, Luke, is determined to wriggle his way back into her life and ruin it. All the way through the book when everything is going wrong, when she looses her two best friends, Zac and her ticket to prom there is still the cute guy in the park she can stare at, who eventually comes to her house, after she has made up with Rachel and Tegan and ridded her life of Luke, he asks her out and the book ends there.

Opinion – I love this book. Its hilarious and makes you feel better about your life when poor old Bella isn’t having a good day. Its very PG and probably ok for 12-15 year olds. The only thing I would have to say I disliked would be that the entire book was spent trying to get with Zac but then she doesn’t end up with him which disappointed me a little. But it is a brilliant book and I highly recommend to read it!

Ok that’s all hope you liked it! What your favourite book? Respond in comments below! See you soon! xxxxx



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