Long distance friends

Hi everyone!

As I mentioned in my first post I have a long distance best friend. In some cases with long distance best friends they have grown up in the same town but then one moved away or you met them on the internet and they live in a completely different country whatever it is I feel you! In my case, my mum and her mum grew up together best friends. But then her mum moved away and she never came home. They are still best friends, they brought their children up together, and that’s how me and my best friend met. We have NEVER lived in the same place but we are as close as sisters. I haven’t seen her in two months, but she is coming over this weekend! I have realised how much I miss her so in honor I am doing 10 things people with a long distance friendship will understand!

  1. You live in constant countdown to when you will see each other next.
  2. When you finally do meet up, its like no time has passed.
  3. You get jealous of all of the people who gets to see them everyday.
  4. You wish that teleportation was real and how easy your life would be with it.
  5. You talk EVERY day and know each others schedules off by heart so you never miss each other.
  6.  You start laughing at random times as you remember something you did together.
  7. You get emotional when you see pictures off them and you together and wish you could be together.
  8. She is the only person you will ever want to talk to in a phone call and not text and visa versa.
  9. Every time you say goodbye it hurts so much.
  10. You plan that one day you will live together and never have to be apart again.


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  1. Lovely insight. I know exactly how you feel, a similar situtaion happened to me a while ago but if you just keep in contact you will figure out a way to stay just as close 🙂


      1. Ahh right I used to live in another country and my best friend still lives there so it’s so hard to keep in contact and I feel like we have been drifting apart because she can spend more time with others there and I don’t have much time


      2. That’s great to know that you understand me because many people don’t and wonder why I fuss over it 😦 but it’s still sad that you had to go through that as well and many times. That kinda sucks. Sorry Xxxx


      3. Exactly you totally get me I visited my old friends over summer and I could meet with a few because they were either on holiday or I didn’t have their phone number anymore because they had gotten a new one and because we didn’t keep it contact I couldn’t notify them. It’t not that I don’t want to keep in contact but I barely have time and when I do because if time differences and different schedules from school they don’t have time. It just never works out and I am so ashamed to say that many people I haven’t completely forgotten but many things about them I have. I know I’m horrible but I can’t help it 😦


      4. Thx for understanidng it makes me feel like less of a horrible person Haha. Can I ask you a question? Does anybody know your identity as in anybody who also knows about the blog? You don’t have to answer xx


      5. Wow well I mean I have told one person but she’s extremely close to me and I just felt like I should tell one person and I know she doesn’t judge me for anything ever so I guess it’s fine xx


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