Gilmore girls

Hi everyone!

I wasn’t sure what to post on my blog tonight. I decided to write about something I am incredibly passionate about and adore…

Gilmore girls.


Now I know I probably have one reader (if that) so it is highly unlikely that they will too share this love. But I wanted to write about it as its a show, its lifestyle, Its a religion, (one of many Gilmore girls references). One of the MANY reasons I love this show is because of Jess Marino. He is my absolute favourite, so I am definatley team Jess, (team logan I get, now team dean….)  I also love Lorelai and Rory they so cute and I want to be like them if I ever have a daughter. They are both just so in sinc with each other its insane. And of course, the beloved luke. I want someone to love me like Luke loves Lorelai, I mean who doesn’t love him?? If there was ever a film (hope, hope) I want Lorelei and Luke married and Jess and Rory dating… soulmates! In my opinion I think Logan is Rorys Christopher, Dean is her Max and Jess is her Luke. 

There are 7 seasons, 21 episodes in each and most 40 minutes long. They are all available to watch on Netflix. I have seen all the episodes including the revival (which is also available on Netflix). My favourite episodes have got to be season 3 episode 7 and season 3 episode 8! I HIGHLY recommend to watch it, its my favourite programme 💜

If there is anyone out there please comment below, if u have seen it! 

Night guys xxxx

P.S. I mean come on, who wouldn’t ship these two? I can not stress enough how much I love them like they are actual soulmates and I won’t hear a bad word against them 😂 xxx



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